What the press said

What the Press said:
“Thrilled by proceedings!”
“A first night audience was clearly eager to enjoy the evening and reacted enthusiastically to events – particularly misinterpretations of the hard-of-hearing Baron Hardup (Sam Caldwell).”

Peter Swingler, Birmingham Evening Mail


“Right-on Cinders is panto for the 90s. Beating the drum for feminism is hardly what you would expect from a good old-fashioned pantomime, but The Good Companions’ production of “Cinderella – The Sequel” would certainly make Germaine Greer extremely proud. Although this is secondary to the entertainment value from a cast who were both dedicated and enthusiastic for the task which they tackled head on.

Written by Jackie Staite, The Sequel picks up where other pantomimes leave off – where Cinderella is supposed to have found true happiness with Prince Charming. But this is no fairy story because Prince Charming turns out to be wetter than a limp lettuce leaf, and Cinderella abandons him for a life of adventure on the ocean wave with a pirate ship.

Margaret Couzens is perfectly cast as the slightly disillusioned Fairy Godmother, who has seen all her efforts go to waste, and brings her own comedy to the role as well as providing the link with the audience.”

But a special mention must go to Sam Caldwell, who plays Baron Hardup, who, together with some superb writing, practically stole the show with his classic one-liners.”

Although this may be a late addition to the pantomime season, it is certainly not one to be missed.”

Rachel Billington, Solihull News