Dame Fatima Fazackerley, a widow

Polly, Dame Fazackerley’s elder daughter

Goldilocks, Dame Fazackerley’s younger daughter

Cuthbert, a young, upper-class stranger

Montmorency, one of Cuthbert’s manservants

Archibald, one of Cuthbert’s manservants

Mr Merryweather, an elderly village gentleman

Mother Carbuncle, the village witch

Daddy Martian

Mummy Martian

Baby Martian

Maxihillion Megalux, a Martian bartender

Marzipan, Mars Bar girl

Caramel, Mars Bar girl

Fondant, Mars Bar girl

Professor Asteroid, Martian scientist

Stella, Martian woman

Venus, Martian woman

Jack, village boy

Jill, village girl

Dick, village boy

Tommy, village boy

Fairy Snowdrop

Fairy Bluebell, assistant to Fairy Snowdrop

Fairy Narcissus, assistant to Fairy Snowdrop


Chorus of villagers and Martians