Goody two shoes

Goody Two-Shoes is a rollicking good pantomime, full of humour, romance, audience participation, evil machinations and, of course, a happy ending. The wicked Squire Stinge has evicted Farmer Giles and his family from their farm in order to force the beautiful Goody to marry him.

But Goody is head-over-heels in love with Randolph, a handsome stranger. The wicked Squire Stinge gets rid of Randolph, by convincing him that Goody is engaged to another. Randolph leaves town to save her honour. In despair, Goody agrees to marry the Squire so that her parents can get their farm back. When her brother returns from sea he discovers the plot and determines to find Randolph and bring him back – but he has only three days in which to save the day!

The last scene is full of excitement and romance, as Randolph returns in the nick of time to save Goody from a fate worse than death! Bobby claims his childhood sweetheart; Dame Trotter and the Inspector announce their intentions; and the Fairy uses her magic to turn the squire into a good-hearted man – with unforeseen consequences for herself!