Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

Red Ridinghood Goes Out West is a new telling of the Red Ridinghood tale set in the American West. Red Ridinghood, an independent-minded English girl, arrives in the town of Not Very Big Boulder to save Grandma from the outlaw, Bad Bart, and his Incompetent sidekick, brains. Bad Bart wants to buy Grandma’s home for a pittance as there is ‘gold in them thar hills!’. Red manages to foil his plan. In desperation, Bad Bart hires Big Bad Wolf, an Indian brave with a villainous reputation, to kill Grandma, leaving Bart able to claim the island as his own. But help it at hand in the form of the Lone Ranger Tonto – or it would be if the Lone Ranger were more competent and less vain! Red Ridinghood, the children and Tonto save the day.

This pantomime is very strong on plot, cleverly interweaving the original story with intriguing and innovative sub-plots. With varied settings, can-canning saloon girls and Indian dances this easily staged panto is full of colour. It has hilarious characters, such as the bumbling squaws, Maxihaha and Minihaha, and plenty of exciting adventure and romance.


“On behalf of the Director and cast and all associated with the production, thank you for such a fine script to work with. We all had a ball, and I will long remember playing Granny.”
L. Lewis, Bundaberg Amateur Theatrical Company, Queensland, Australia