The Princess Factor

This play is designed for youth groups, such as Brownies, schools, youth clubs, and, of course, Gang Shows, to do a short play for presenting to parents, raising funds, or going towards badges, etc.   It could, however, be performed by adults, and would be suitable for including in a variety show or drama group members’ evening.   The play lasts approximately 25 – 30 minutes.  It is designed to be performed in a fairly open space, rather than on a stage  (although on a stage would work).   It needs little in the way of props or furniture.  (See props and furniture plot.)  It is also designed to have a fairly flexible cast.  It is written with 8 princesses, but more princesses could be added in, or some taken out.  There is also scope to add some non-speaking parts, such as pages, who could bring on props, or more cast could be added in the final chorus.  The male / female casting is also flexible, as all could be played by girls, or some of the princesses could be played by boys or men, for extra comedy.

The story is loosely based on The Princess and the Pea, but a lot of the content owes more to current television “reality” shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor (with a nod to St Trinian’s).  The time is therefore set in the present.