Sleeping Beauty Goes Back To The Future

This is the latest pantomime from the pen of Jackie Staite. It’s a thoroughly up-to-date extravaganza. Following much of the traditional story of Sleeping Beauty, it also has many original quirks and surprises. The fairies all have original and amusing characters, the highlight being Fairy Liquid – played by a man, in pantomime tradition. This panto takes us through a cornucopia of time in the Tardis, including rock’n’roll, flower power, the Roaring Twenties and the elegant eighteenth century. You meet such characters as the eccentric Dr What, his assistant, Question Mark, a dashing highwayman, Fairy Grotto, and of course the prince and princess. There are suggestions for musical numbers and audience participation is a must.

This pantomime is particularly easy for amateurs as it is all set on the same scene, a room in the palace. Only the time alters. The costumes can be as extravagant as you want.